Exciting Week

What a great week!  

First I got a contact from 5 Peaks about painting for the September 20th race in Devon.  I was privileged enough to face paint at a previous race and it was a FANTASTIC time.  What a great community of racers and the way that they encourage the kids to join in and race was fantastic.  

My best memory was one little girl that started to get her face painted, saying that she didn’t really want to race.  She changed her mind 1/2 way through the design so she jumped down, ran the kids race and then came straight back to me to have the design finished.  So cute!

Second I just got invited to paint at the Tour of Alberta – Family Fun Race on Sunday.  As some of you may know, services supporting families dealing with mental health are dear to my heart so the idea of working with CASA and bringing some extra color and joy to an already fun event has made my week.

I really hope that I get to see some familiar faces on Sunday as you take in the Tour of Alberta at Winston Churchill Square.