New Offering – In Class Fieldtrip

I am so excited to announce my new offering – Face Paint in the Classroom ©

Our first field trip is for Grade One or Two where color theory comes alive.  Children create their own color wheel using primary color paints while face paint designs highlight the discussed color.  Discussions on the properties of each color as well as composition and feelings are also part of this 1/2 day field trip.

Each child will end the day with a color wheel, 2 paper face paint designs and a color and feelings worksheet.  But the best part?  Each child will walk out with a full face design on their own face painted by our own lead artist!

Teachers only have to provide printouts of provided handouts, pencil crayons or pastels and 2 – 3 parent volunteers.  All other supplies are provided by Pixie Dust and Pirates.

Costs are approx $5 per student too!

Contact Pixie Dust and Pirates for to book your in class field trip today!


Halloween 2014

This post is a little late, but I wanted to share the little bit of Halloween work I got to do this season.

I had some friends doing a zombie walk so they popped by to get a little zombie makeup.  The lighting in the room I did this paint in wasn’t good enough, and so they ended up yellower than I wanted but I know for next time.  Not to bad for my first set of zombies 🙂

video game zombie

video game zombie



Of course I painted everyone else that came by on Halloween as well, including my kids, mom and sister in law.  Be careful when visiting a face painter on Oct 31st!

pretty halloween paint

pretty halloween paint

pretty kitty

pretty kitty

I chose not to do a lot of halloween work but I am hoping next year to be in better health and be better able to enjoy the face painter’s holiday season.  LOL   And next year will be extra fun with Halloween landing on Saturday.  WHOOP  WHOOP, a face painters dream!

Head Shots

Pixie Paintrix

In Sept I was fortunate to get to have a photo shoot with Trina at Creations Photos.  Trina has taken our family photos before and I was pumped about having some pixie shots done by her.

I got the shots this week and let me tell you, I was STUNNED.  I LOVE them and now have to think of a million ways to use them.  I don’t normally like any shots of myself so to have some that I am excited to share with the world is very different.

Below are some of the gems.  I’m sure you will see others throughout the site.

0038    Pixie Paintrix    Pixie Paintrix

0042    0054

Exciting Week

What a great week!  

First I got a contact from 5 Peaks about painting for the September 20th race in Devon.  I was privileged enough to face paint at a previous race and it was a FANTASTIC time.  What a great community of racers and the way that they encourage the kids to join in and race was fantastic.  

My best memory was one little girl that started to get her face painted, saying that she didn’t really want to race.  She changed her mind 1/2 way through the design so she jumped down, ran the kids race and then came straight back to me to have the design finished.  So cute!

Second I just got invited to paint at the Tour of Alberta – Family Fun Race on Sunday.  As some of you may know, services supporting families dealing with mental health are dear to my heart so the idea of working with CASA and bringing some extra color and joy to an already fun event has made my week.

I really hope that I get to see some familiar faces on Sunday as you take in the Tour of Alberta at Winston Churchill Square.