Face Paint and Glitter Gallery!!

I have now added my work to this page.  No more sending people to dropbox to see my work, it is now all in the same place!!  I’m feeling more and more professional all the time 🙂

Speaking of feeling like a true body artist… I went to “Guardians of the Galaxy” last night.  I couldn’t stop thinking about how I could paint a lot of those characters.  hmmmm…. can you say Face Painter  Woop Woop.

AND I got these awesome business cards now too.  A very great friend built me an awesome logo and now I have business cards that reflect my business more.


So much happening, I just need to get better at taking pictures on the job so that I can show all of you more of my work.


Stage Name

It was suggested that I come up with a Stage Name to help seperate my personal life from my face painting life. Sounded interested but I needed to find the “right” name so I thunk and I thunk and I thunk some more.

Originally I batted around “Miss Frazzle” (thanks to my good friend from Apple Jack Creek who goes by FrazzleHead) but it just didn’t quite jive (although I do have the hair for it)

Then another facepainter posted the definition of Paintrix on Facebook… it is an old term meaning “woman who paints”. So thanks to Lenore from The Cheeky Chipmunk I am excited to introduce…

Pixie Paintrix


So what do you guys think?

First Post

Well, here goes nothing.  It was mentioned that I should start a blog.  You see, I’m starting a new adventure so now I’m going to write about it.

I’m going to try to write at least one post a week, and maybe even start some tutorials on YouTube… because I LOVE FACE PAINT!!

So who am I?… I’m a professional project manager by day and inspiring face painter by night.  I have two small children, E, who is 5 and e, who is 3.

So why do I paint?…I love to bring joy to each person I  paint.  Watching faces light up when they become someone or something else, even if for just a short while.  AMAZING.

So follow me, and come along for the ride BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA