All the beautiful GLITTER

I love glitter… I love shiny and I love sparkle and I just LOVE color.  So to feed my obsession with all things glittery and gorgeous I had decided to add Glitter Tattoos to my offerings.

New Glitter Tattoo Kit

New Glitter Tattoo Kit

Aren’t they beautiful!  The picture really doesn’t show the shine but WOW! (excuse the carpets… two kids and a dog, what can I say 😉 )  They are waterproof and with proper care can last 5 to 10 days.

So if you are in love with shiny like me (I’m really a crow at heart), I would love to bling you up!


First Glitter Tattoo

First Glitter Tattoo – June 24, 2014


I would love to hear from fellow Pixies and Pirates!

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